Friday, July 31, 2009

My... my... how time flies... when you're having fun...?

First of all, my precious girl has turned eight! Wow. That makes me feel a tad bit old... eight... how did that happen? I promise to give her birthday the proper post but I need to upload all those pictures... maybe tomorrow.

We are up to our ears in dust and wood and paint and fixtures and house! I also will give proper blogging to house redo pics but here is a small taste of what is going on in almost every room!

I can't find my picture of the dinning room wall paper anywhere... maybe never loaded it off the camera. But here it is with the walls primed.
And here it is with the chair rail pulled off, the first coat of paint on the top half, and the trim pieces in (MOST of all of them in this room!). See the dust under the table? This has/is covering every surface in the house... I clean it up, a couple days later after workers are here... everything is covered again, and again, and AGAIN!!!!!!!!! THIS is my greatest ICK right now... it is on my last nerve... can you tell? BUT, progress can be seen and so THAT is what gets me through!
Hope you all are well. Hugs and love...


  1. The trim work and color is beautiful , this mess will soon be a distant memory I am sure , and well worth it .
    Just Beachy

  2. what a beautiful color and I love your dining room table!

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