Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creek Adventures

I took the kids to the creek behind our house for a photo shoot this morning. We had a blast (some of us more than others)! It was a surprise for Abby who loves to "hike" on trails and be in outdoor settings like that. When we got there she was super excited... I was too!

She loves to be the line leader... and often asks me to sing, "Following the leader". So she quickly took her place and led the way.

It was the perfect morning. I left the dishes on the counter and the beds unmade! There is something that rises up in me when I am out in nature... it's primal, alive, and passionate... I love the way it feels. The creek was wonderful and since we have had a decent amount of rain, there were plenty of spots to play in where I could watch them and photograph them at the same time since Fly Boy is on a trip.

Abby was a bit in disbelief when I told her to jump in and get wet and start playing... in her clothes. It took her a minute to let herself go. It was funny. "In my clothes, Mommy?" "Are you sure?" Before really getting wet, she looked back just to be sure I was still ok with it!

She still wasn't too sure but sat down, I was cracking up at how stiff she was! "Get in there Abby... really... get wet!" She just giggled and that was that! She was ready. And I got some great shots.

So Abby wanted to take a picture of me. I had been in the water shooting her and she kept wanting me to get wet and play with her. So I carefully sat her on a rock, gave her the camera, and instructed her not to move her bottom! She took the picture and I was back out... and then back in with the camera for some more shots.

Why is Abby laughing so hard, you ask?

Because Mommy fell in... and I mean all the way in! As I felt my feet slip on some slime, I knew I was going down hard... so I held the camera as high above my head as possible (go go gadget arms) and fell like a ton of rocks. When I came up, Abby was laughing so hard she couldn't breath and I was thanking the Lord for saving my camera! Then I was bummin hard because my white skirt was now brown and green! Buster Brown was watching in disbelief from the sidelines.

Speaking of Buster Brown... he took it slow, backed his way in, had fun for about ten minutes and then was over it. That was another bummer but at least I got a few shots before his meltdown (included for your benefit).

Feeling Tired.
Drying on the warmth of the rock. And heading home to do laundry! Be blessed. I must refocus and try and get my home in order. It is being neglected... but for the good stuff!

P.S. This is what I looked like when we got home! So sad!


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    what a day of FUN!!!! and i love the last picture, little love dots around your eyes! ;-) erin a

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    okay....that picture of you made me laugh so hard!!!!!


  3. ahhh what fun and great pics!

  4. Sounds like a really fun day! Can't wait to do that myself one of these days ;-) (and no, that is not a hint)

  5. I am a first time visitor to your site. You captured such fun and playfulness in your morning. The series of photos is great!! The dishes will still be there when you get home!!

  6. David Haughton11:47 AM

    i love reading your blog big sister. can't wait to see you again! school has started up so its BUSY BUSY BUSY for me. wish i had time to go to a creek.... LOVE YOU!


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