Thursday, August 13, 2009

Falling in love... again

Campbell and I went on a photo shoot adventure this morning and hit the jack pot (and had loads of fun)! Every time we go to the lake we pass this GORGEOUS car on the side of the road and I have always wanted to stop and photograph it. It's always been too sunny or too late or the kids are too grumpy and yada yada. So when Campbell came to the lake last week, she had noticed it too and we decided we had to make a photo date with this car.

So after dropping Abster off at school, we set out to find this car and get some cool shots. Imagine my delight when we pull into the dirt driveway and look behind a gate to see the above! It's where well loved, gorgeous, and old sadly forgotten cars go when they die... car heaven and a photographer's dream!

I took almost 250 pictures and if I'd been brave enough to walk up around the bend ( I was holding my breath and waiting for a hungry dog to come charging at me) I could have stayed there all day. If we could have found something for Marc to eat, that is.

I totally fell in love with the Buick out front. As I photographed her, I could not get over the artistic lines and curves on this beautiful car (I think that may have been a guy moment or something)! She was by far my favorite (although there was a wonderful Lincoln waiting for me beyond the barbed wire)!

I loved everything about her, I mean, I was excited about her mirrors, her door handles, her hood, her key holes, her lights, her fender, her grill, and her rust! The color and texture was just amazing and God gave us the PERFECT overcast morning that gave us the perfect lighting! I am still a bit excited about it all.

Campbell and I walked around each other snapping shots and sweet Marc just sat next to us on the dirt drive quietly watching (that is until I went over the gate). We'll get to that later.

Out of 250 pictures, I have about 100 favorites, but the above picture just rocks. It is like a grand pendant on her neck! Seriously, I must go buy some shoes and step away from cars for a moment.
So after my love affair with the Buick, I HAD to go over the gate and check out the others. I mean, they were just RIGHT there and they were sitting there all sad and feeling left out and they were WAY lonely. I asked Campbell to stay with my child while I trespassed and went "in". Yes, I am not going over the gate (as that seems like the easiest way) because there was barbed wire running all along the top part on the inside, keeping me from getting a good grip AND I didn't want to snag my shorts. I had no idea Miss C was documenting the moment... thanks though!

I felt like a child entering a carnival! My heart was pounding as I was SURE there was a big angry dog in there somewhere. I started at the front and wouldn't even let my eyes look down the road for fear of being drawn deeper in! And then I saw her... this Lincoln just tucked away... calling my name so quietly (as not to awake the dog).

Isn't she beautiful? Look at the curve above her beautiful lights. And the star by her middle name. And the color! Seriously, poor Fly Boy is going to come home and all the walls in this house are going to be covered with car photographs! I am so in love! She totally rocks!

Then I met the Ford with the amazing airplane on her hood... how totally cool is that! My grandfather retired from Ford and so I am going to send him copies of this one! I love her too... she reminds me of a cow.

And then there was this Pontiac... she is amazing. Look at her grill! They don't make cars like this anymore... they are simply gorgeous! (I should go for a run)

She had these totally cool arrows on her. Simply beautiful.

OK... I am going to stop now. I could go on forever.. or at least 200 something more...

I did, however, photograph Campbell and Marc as well. I am going to start photographing families and children. I am super excited. Here is a sneak peek and I'll post more tomorrow!

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  1. if you need some guinea pig children I have 3 totally precious boys I would love some pictures of!


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