Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is in times like this that resting in God's sovereignty takes every bit of spiritual strength you have in your entire being... and it is not restful... thank you very much... it is exhausting.

Yesterday, we got the call, after the meeting, that the birth mother was ready and we could be going to Florida as soon as Friday or Monday. After the initial roll of emotion, I went to check through our home study profile package and found that half the documents we need had expired just a few months ago.

Initial panic set in, one being FBI fingerprints that normally takes weeks to get back! Then no one we work with was available. So we went from what we thought was ready to totally not! We are also having a very difficult time with someone we are working with that has added some stress and much disappointment and frustration.

So after numerous phone calls and emails, printing of about 20 documents total, and hours filling stuff out... we went to bed thinking the birth mother was going to let the lawyer know what day she wanted to meet and sign papers.


She didn't. No email, no phone call. So we cancelled our trip to San Antonio that we were supposed to leave for today (for Cynthia's graduation from Air Force training) and spent the day doing fingerprints, filing and mailing paperwork and getting new physicals. Still no word on the date.

Finally a phone call from Florida just to say... still nothing.

So we are hanging on by our fingernails right now and praying... trying to rest and trying to trust.

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