Thursday, March 05, 2009

Give A Way Day!

It's back... the number two gift of the give a way mood I am feeling! No, it's not a pair of used socks or even an old cool magazine... it's a pair of earrings from Georgia Jewels! The french ear wires are sterling silver for those of you with sensitive ears.
I had to save some things from my old business and this little pair of faceted smoky quartz earrings is one of them. They can be worn all year round and go with everything... brown is the new black! Or it is Gray? Can't keep up... anyway, just make a comment and they can be yours! I'll randomly draw a name on Tuesday, March 10th. If you win, I'll contact you and send your little gift in the mail. Be blessed!

* You can also check out new Georgia Jewels items at


  1. Erica Harless1:11 PM

    Hey Dawn! Love the earings!:) I also love being able to see what is going on in your world and get updates on Abby, the house, and the adoption journey. We miss ya'll and are praying for ya'll. Hopefully we'll see you on Monday!

  2. Here's to trying again! Love the idea of a prayer blog!! How awesome would that be!! I will be praying for you and you can pray for me... the Lord is teaching me many new things about myself and I LOVE it and want to embrace even the things I don't love! Pray that my heart will be open to all things! Much love to you Dawn!!


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