Friday, March 06, 2009

Prayers for the weekend

It is hard to believe, as I sit here with the sun shining and the day warming up to the 70's, that it snowed like crazy on Sunday. It was a wonderful treat. We "played" in the snow like kids, and that was a treat. It's been EONS since I have played in the snow. Even though it was perfect for Sunday, I enjoyed sitting on my deck yesterday with a friend in the sunshine while our girls played in the backyard. I am officially ready for Spring now.
I have just started sharing prayer requests with a dear friend once a week. We share prayer requests and then pray for each other. I do not in any way need to be convinced about the power of prayer, the enriched relationship with God that comes from it, as well and precious real and true friendships is confirmation enough for me!
I have been trying to figure out how to start a prayer blog... where friends can log on anytime and share prayer requests and pray for each other. I LOVE it when daughters of Christ and sisters in Christ pray for each other... I think it is beautiful.
Anyway, until I can get a prayer blog going, I have decided to share prayer requests on Fridays. I KNOW I have several friends who read my blog and truly pray for me and my family. Some of you email me prayers, call me and pray with me on the phone, or just comment that you are praying. THAT is SUCH a gift to me... to us. I am HUMBLED that God has brought people to this blog that I have never even met who pray for me and my family.
Colleen is one of those people. I have never even met you... but we have sick children and our love for the Lord in common and you have come along side me and become a friend and prayer partner... THAT is only a gift from God... and I thank you so much for your kindness. Donna... you are another one. The love you shower over me, having never met me, is overwhelming. It just leaves me in awe of God's generosity in a time when I really need it. I have friends here... where I live, who have stepped away or back... and God has sent you in... from miles away... to minister to me and I am just overflowing with thankfulness to you all.
So, sorry for the shout outs... and there are MANY more of you that I keep in my heart. Thank you. Here are my prayer requests for this weekend. I thank you so much for going to the Lord on our behalf and for your love and friendship... I do NOT take it for granted.
Although I have MANY requests... I'll try and keep it as short as possible. I'll just give you four of my twenty! :0)
1.) Abby started school yesterday. The school faculty is SO KIND AND GENEROUS in spirit. Abby is the most special needs child in the school and they are scrambling to try and meet her needs... with graciousness and thoughtfulness. My prayer for her at school is that God will give her a little friend to connect with... soon. I pray the faculty will be guided with wisdom in how to meet Abby's needs and what we can do for her. I also pray they are touched by Abby and can see God's hand all over her. I pray her heart is protected and that HE touches her mind, opens it, clears it, and gives her the ability to learn. THANK YOU.
2.) We have two more realtors showing our house this weekend. We pray that love can be felt in our home and that the right family will want to buy it. We pray for God's will and his timing in this situation and His hand over any offers and transactions that may take place. We also pray that the house we want remains available and for patience and peace.
3.) We are grieving what Topamax is doing to Abby. We have exhausted all anti-seizure medication possibilities except for a new one that just came out this year. There is much risk in decreasing and changing medications. But we HATE Topamax. Please pray God will guide us, direct our thoughts and conversations on this matter with each other and with the doctors we are working with. Please pray that Dr. Cohen at the Cleveland Clinic will be able to give us some possibilities, direction, and ideas that may help Abby and her quality of life. (We are going there in May.) Of course we pray for her seizures to stop (it's been 4 days since her last one) and that God will continue keep her protected from decline. Please pray that we will be able to accept what life may be for Abby while we spend hours researching anything to help her... it's a very exhausting balance act. Pray that God will just restore her fully and be glorified.
4.) Lastly, there are a couple adoption situations we are "waiting" to find out about. We received a call last week that grandparents of an 18 month old in Florida were considering us and their lawyer was going to call us that day. We have not heard from the lawyer and there has not been any more information. This is such an emotional roller coaster... for many reasons. But please pray for God's perfect plan to unfold and that we will be patient and have peace... and strength. There are two other situations that we have inquired about but also haven't heard anything back from... which seems to be the norm in this process. Prayers for emotional energy, spiritual renewal, TRUST, and HOPE are also appreciated.
THANK YOU. Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend. Much love to you all...


  1. Dawn...Thank you so much for mentioning me...I feel so blessed to meet other families that I can turn to for support and am glad that I have been there to offer it also. I will definitly say many prayers for Abby and your family!

    I sort of met Dr. Cohen last night. I went to a grand rounds meeting at our childrens hospital where he was the guest speaker. He seems very nice and stayed and answered so many questions. He sounds like he is very thorough in his evaluations and diagnosis. I really hope he can offer some assistance and find an appropriate treatment for Abby. I know I have a renewed sense of trust for my daughters doctors since hearing him. It seems that her doctors cover the areas that he does, and also stay in contact with him when they have questions.

    A more specific prayer request for me would be 1. That my daughters foot movements would lessen, and that they are not causing any damage. 2. That my son continues to show improvement in communication and behaviors. 3. Strenghtening of my marriage 4. healing for family members that lost spouses/fathers/brothers/sons the past couple springs. May both my uncles be by Gods side.

    Again...many prayers for your family!

  2. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Oh Dawn...thank you for your kind words. A couple of weeks ago I started praying for specific situations everyday at 8:15AM and Abby is one of them. I will now begin specifically praying for her to find a friend at school; a friend to laugh and share the day with!!!

    BYW, our house is also on the market now...we haven't had much action but you never know...



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