Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 400th post... and 34 random things about myself... like you were dying to know!

OK. This is my 400th post! I am excited. Looking back... it's crazy to see it all... cool... I need to get it in a book. My friend from high school, Sunny, is turning 34 soon and listed 34 things about herself on her blog. She "tagged" her fellow 34 year old friends to do the same. So here they are... extra little insights into the madness of myself!

1. was proposed to on the cliffs of Ireland
2. eloped two months before wedding
3. flew out to an aircraft carrier in college to do my final paper/video for Journalism class
4. was ripped off in modeling scheme and was in the news about it
5. was the associate producer for the 10 o’clock news at FOX in Raleigh my senior year of college at UNC
6. had the most wonderful college professor who believed in me and took me under his wing… he passed away a few years ago and he remains one of the most influential men in my life
7. taught preschool for a year
8. waitressed my way through college
9. am a hopeless romantic
10. am terrible about flossing my teeth… the whole hands in my mouth just gets to me
11. have been my husband’s co-pilot on several occasions
12. think that motherhood is one of the greatest gifts God has given to women
13. think pregnant bellies totally ROCK and IF I ever have one… I will flaunt it! Just the thought makes me laugh!
14. am addicted to music
15. cliff jumped and snorkeled in Cuba
16. could live in Sicily in a heartbeat
17. love to touch old things… like have to touch them… even when I am not supposed to… I am like a kid in a candy shop… I just have to reach out and touch it
18. feel a deep connection with animals and feel privileged to connect with them… like the tiger in the Norfolk zoo that sat and “talked” to me for over 10 minutes… thank goodness there was a fence or I would have been in there with him!
19. love to watch golf on television… hate to play it
20. have had lemon with my water since the 8th grade when my precious teacher, Mrs. Griep, told me it would help me drink more water
21. love to read and to write… and to color. I can color in a coloring book for hours.
22. would love to make a movie!
23. have met Demi Moore, Willie Nelson, Charlton Heston, John McCain, and stood three feet from David Beckham but didn’t say hello to him… was trying to play it off cool…
24. honeymooned in my three favorite “old” cities… Savannah, Charleston, and St. Augustine
25. have lived in 6 states… would love to live in more!
26. have visited seven countries… would LOVE to visit more… Spain next please
27. LOVE ancient history
28. LOVE to make things
29. can grill or cook anything… actually pretty well… but am NOT Betty Crocker!
30. have picked up several hitch hikers and am under strict orders to not do so again
31. give much credit to my friends and amazing teachers (and the love they gave me) for getting me through High School
32. have a growing love for photography
33. am dying to get a tattoo
34. love my family with every ounce of who I am… and can’t wait to be 35


  1. robby and i have been talking about getting tattoos for so long! let me know when you're ready! love this post! its great to learn more about you!

  2. Dawn (Carroll)Webb11:07 AM

    Hey Dawn remember me? This is Dawn Carroll well, Webb now. I have read you blog for several months now. I am still living in Alabama married to a preacher. We have four children Micah 9, Madison 7, Matthew 4, and Mark who will be 3 in December. We homeschool our children. I actually thought about you homeschooling Abby when I read you post about the school struggles. I started to write you then but I know that there are so many people who are so against homeschooling and I did not want to offend you by mentioning it if it was something you were not for. I'm so glad to see that you are considering it. I would be glad to offer any assistance I can on the subject. BTW your daughter is beautiful! I love all or your jewelry that you make it is so pretty. You also are and amazing writer. I love how the words just flow in your post.
    Love ya!

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    you are the best! how great to see your list. miss you! erin

  4. Dawn... wow.. I remember you! How in the world did you stumble across my blog? How sweet of you to write and thank you for your kind words. I am glad to see you are blessed and would love to hear from you anytime.
    Have a wonderful day... Dawn


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