Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Abby and the Vac

I thought my little one was helping me out. Actually... she did go around the baseboards... until it found her pants leg, and then her arm, and then her hair, and then her face (yes, sucked half her cheek in!) and then her shirt! I wish I could get the laughter that came from the bottom of her toes as she "cleaned up"! It was priceless!
* Don't you love her pants hanging down... she's my little Kazak Georgia Girl!

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  1. Hey Dawn! What a precious pic. & what fun she is having! Those cute little moments are the best!
    I hope you like the pound cake!
    It is so easy! We need some of your recipes! I'm just loving this blog thing! =) Oh, I loved your 34 randoms!


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