Friday, September 19, 2008


I am in a swirl. Swirl of emotion, swirl of thoughts, swirl of desires, swirl of hopes, swirl of frustrations, swirl of energy and swirl of exhaustion. Even though I usually remain optimistic... I have my moments. I am in... a moment... a moment of swirl.

There is this inner girl... voice... that knows what she wants but not really how to get there. An inner girl that wants things to be different and an inner girl that longs to just "be"... be content... be still... be.

So all things things are running through my mind and I need to process and "file" them. Organize. I need to organize my life... my space... my thoughts... my time. And the theme that keeps screaming loudly at me through all the muck is "Simplify".

Such a "simple" word with oh so much meaning. Such a "simple" word that requires much thought and energy to accomplish. But.... what if? What if I can get through the process? What will it be like on the other side? Will it be easier, calmer, better, "simpler"? Or will it leave me longing for more? Hmmmmmmmmmm..........

And so this is what swirls in my head... my thoughts, my heart, my soul. I would have a lot to simplify. I would have a lot to change. Can I do it? Will it be worth it?

I am wondering, pondering, and mulling over simplifying my wardrobe. Whewww... there... it's said... it's in print. Would my life be better... easier... simpler... if I had four pairs of jeans instead of eight? Six sweaters instead of 15? Two---- or---- three---- purses instead of---- hmmm--- ugh----- aaa--- 12? My heart tells me "yes". The tug I am feeling tells me "yes".

Then take this concept and spread it through out my home and lifestyle.... hmmmmmmmm.

This is what I am mulling about. This is my moment... my moment of swirl... should and can I do it? Simplify.

In the meantime, I am on a mission to simplify my bathroom drawers and baskets. Hair products, nail polish, old makeup, and other such bathroom clutter is going to be "simplified" today. Today is the day. It's going to be done. I am going to do it now...

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  1. I'll be more than happy to help you "simplify" your wardrobe when I come down by taking anything you don't want off your hands! hah.


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