Monday, September 22, 2008

Be Real

I almost deleted my post from yesterday. I was angry... yah.

Anyway... I have decided not to delete it. Even though my blog is an outlet for encouragement, it also reflects who I am and there is one thing that I try to be... in every situation... and that is "real". I am not "Mary Sunshine" all the time and just because I love the Lord and am learning to trust Him more and more each day of my life, does not mean that I walk around with a "everything is fine" attitude.

Everything is not fine, but it WILL be OK. So I hope I didn't leave many, or any, of you disillusioned yesterday! Be encouraged that it is OK to be real and have real emotions about real issues!

Simplifying Update: I've thrown away 26 bottles of nail polish (kept 20), numerous hair products, self tanner (used once... hate orange), old makeup, and taken one car load to the consignment store and another load to the thrift store. But there is much more to be done! Feels Good! Try It!

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  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    you okay?????

    Just kidding. I love that you are real!!!!



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