Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I am overflowing with God's presence and provision today... HIS very presence dancing all around me.  Joy.  Such sweet and pure joy drips from every ounce of me.

I contacted Chick-fil-A yesterday and asked for a donation of sandwiches for our fundraiser. The manager asked for my request in writing.  I went back today with a little package I put together and within less than 2 hours, he called me back to say they wanted to help!  Not only did they want to give us sandwiches, they want to give us tea, come to the event, set up a tent and sell it all for us, and bring the cow!  And the kicker is that the store owner has been involved with Children's Hope Chest!  How cool is that!?

Today, I also have had two people express interest in sponsoring a child.

Today, I got an amazing note in the mail overflowing with love and encouragement for my trip from a dear, dear friend.

Today, one of my brothers asked to send me pillowcases and told me he donated to our trip.

Today, another friend offered to donate to the trip.

Today, another friend has offered to do a Mary Kay fundraiser for me.

Today, God smiled on this team of people and this trip we are planning.

Today, God blessed it... He showed off really!

Today, my quiet excitement has turned into full blown passion and love.

I am overflowing.

See the smiles in the picture above?  These children do not live in homes like we do and they never taste Chick-fil-A.  They don't attend schools like our children attend. They do not go to the movies.  But look what many of them have... look at those smiles.  They have some hope.  And we will multiply it through the Father's hand and with His love!


POST EDIT:  I am embarrassed to have forgotten that another friend, today, told me she is giving me fabric and buttons to make my pins and headbands with... and yesterday, a friend offered to make 30 to 40 pins for me!  It overflows to the point of me not even being able to remember it all!!!!  Praise Him!


  1. Thanks for overflowing on to me today, Dawn! I love running this race with you, sister.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    hey there,
    how many pillow cases do you need? I also have some fabric that i could send, what size do you need?
    love you!
    email me your address!
    erin a


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