Tuesday, March 08, 2011

(beach collection I)
A Fine Fabric Frenzy

Aren't they beautiful?  Don't just just want to eat them!  Well... not really.  But you can wear them all summer long!  This is one of the collections of my newest fabric pins and they were inspired by the GORGEOUS vintage buttons in the center!  My sweet, sweet friend Pat gave me a BAG FULL of vintage buttons and these are just stunning.  They are so yummy... the colors are just amazing. The lavender one looks more blue gray... but in reality it is a soft lavender.  I named them and you can pre-buy them here before my fundraiser at the end of the month.  They are $10 each and all the money goes towards my mission trip to Africa this July.  Just message me, facebook, call me, comment here, or email me!
** Lemon Crush- SOLD

(beach collection II)

These are just lettered... I know... so sad.  My brain is tired and I am sinking fast so they just got letters.
These are also $10 each.  These are also made from vintage buttons.  They are also gorgeous.  The purple and dark orange are not stitched yet but I included them in the picture anyway.

 (retro fun)

And last, but oh so not least, is the "retro fun collection"!  These are so super fun and are also made with the fabulous vintage buttons!  LOVE THEM!  The fabric was given to me by my sweet friend Campbell.  These are also $10 and are not named... sorry.  I took individual pictures of these!

retro 1 (this one is spoken for... :0)

retro 2

retro 3

retro 4/ SOLD

retro 5/SOLD

Yeah!!!!  I love them so much I want to keep them all!!!!
Hope you like them too...
More coming soon...

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