Monday, February 28, 2011

I am going to Africa

It's starting to sink in... really in... deep.  I am going to Africa.

I am very excited... but it's a quiet excitement.  That's weird for me.
My trip is in July.  I am going with some amazing people who have hearts to help... really help.
I am going to love on some kids.  I am going to love on some single mothers who have amazing odds against them and face horrific challenges daily.
I am going to teach the women how to make things to sell and provide for their families.
I am going to take them fabric and teach them to make fabric pins.
I am going to photograph the trip.
I am going to see God in the eyes and hearts of these precious people.
I am going to stand on the soil, barefoot, and sing praises to my God.
I am going to worship with people who really, really, really rely on God in ways we can not comprehend.
I am going to meet a child we are going to sponsor there... and to hold him or her in my arms and whisper words of love to them.
I am going to give, love, worship, and serve. 
I am going to give hope.

Want to see what hope looks like?

Want to be involved in my trip?

1. Pray- Pray for Africa. Pray for missionaries who are living there.  Pray for these children to be sponsored. Pray for the mothers to be able to work and make money. Pray for men to stay. Pray for protection over the women, children, and men of Africa. Pray for our team. Pray for our physical safety and health. Pray for our funds (for the trip and for the work we want to do there). Pray for our fundraiser to be a success. Pray for our families who will be left behind. 
2. Donate pillowcases for the dresses we are making.  Actually, get two or three of your friends to give you pillowcases (all sizes) and get them to me.
3. Donate a gift basket for our fundraiser. Ideas- cooking basket with cooking utensils, pastas, sauces and an apron... cosmetics basket... coffee for two basket with matching mugs/coffee/chocolate covered espresso beans... crafting basket with scrapbooking supplies... toy basket for a girl or boy!  These are just a few ideas. These will be auctioned on March 26th!
4. Donate sewing kits. These will be taken and left with the women to make things and mend their clothing.
5. Sponsor a child.  I have 23 of 25 left to get sponsored.  Call me, email me, comment me, facebook me, or ask me to come by and I will share these precious faces with you... and give you the opportunity to change a life...without leaving your home... for just $34 a month.  These children are in Adecar, Uganda.  You can find information at
6. Attend our fundraiser, "Screen for some Green", on Saturday, March 26th, at 6:00 p.m. at Southside Church in Peachtree City. We will be showing "The Lion King" on the big screen.  We will also have food, items to sell and auction, and sponsorship opportunities! Entry is minimum donation of $5 per person. Mark your calendars!
7. Donate to our team.  Once everyone has the funds they need, the left over money will be spent for us to serve the community of Adecar while we are there.  We are hoping to have enough to sponsor a meal... a real meal... and feed 400+ very hungry people.  We are also hoping to buy them mosquito nets and at least one hand mower.  You can also donate at  Simply click on the "Give" button.  Then click "Choose a fund" option and then click "Trip Payment".  From there PLEASE put #UG110701T as the trip ID number.  If you want it to go to my trip fees, then add my name.  If you want it to go to the team, then don't add my name.  It is tax deductable.
8. Come to Red Door on Saturday, March 26th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and buy something from me for my fundraiser!  I'll have fabric pins and headbands, matted photography prints and notecards, adorable keychains, and other wonderful handmade items! 

Feel free to pick more than one... or all of the above!


  1. You did count us for sponsorship, did you? I CAN't wait to get to gether an talk about your anticipated trip!

    You are such a beautiful person! :)

  2. Dawn, I would like to sponsor you since I am not able to go this summer. I am so excited that you are going. Our family sponsors a 9 year old boy from Adakar. I hope you get to meet him!!

  3. Tiggy... you are to precious. Thank you. I am excited to get the photos of the kids to you. Holly, you are so sweet and generous. Please get the info of your child to me... I want to hug him for you and get a picture with him for you... how special... I'll get to hug your child and Tiggys... and ours... wow... I am over flowing!


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