Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday B

Today is our daughter's birthday.  She is eleven.  It's our first birthday with her.
Today, eleven years ago, our daughter was born and started her journey to us.
Eleven years ago, Don and I were going through a very hard time in our relationship
and our engagement was about to be over... we were just days away from breaking up.
Eleven years ago, God knew what He had planned for all of us.  He knew the child
He had for us.  He knew the growth we'd need to get us there.

Eleven years ago, God placed B on a path to us, to find Him, to know Him, to see Him, and to love Him.
Eleven years ago, God starting changing our lives to know Him in a way we could never imagine!
I am so humbled, blessed, thankful, amazed, broken, uplifted, encouraged, and in love... my God totally rocks... and so does our precious, courageous, and beautiful B.


  1. Happy Birthday B! What a beautiful way to look at the last 11 years, Dawn. God is pretty amazing!! Hope you have a fun day!

  2. That is an amazing story, Dawn! Happy birthday to your sweet little girl!

  3. That was so sweet Dawn! God definitely kept ya'll together for a greater purpose! I'm so proud of ya'll and the difference your making in the lives of these children!!
    Miss you!
    Erica at

  4. What a lucky little girl! Happy Birthday, B!


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