Saturday, May 29, 2010

A surprise for our eyes

Thursday night, we were coming home from a friend's house, and I caught a glimpse of the moon behind some trees.  It was massive and a deep orange color.  It caught me off guard and made me gasp.  I told the girls to keep watching as we drove down the road... waiting for another break in the trees.

After several minutes, there was finally a clearing and there it was!  Abby came up out of her seat and exclaimed:
"Mommy!  Jesus did that for us!  It's a surprise for our eyes!!! Ohhhhh....  Dear Lord, thank you so much for the big orange moon!  Amen!"

I thought I was going to start bawling.  Her genuine excitement and appreciation for the creator's creation moved me so much... it was a beautiful moment and has made a very special memory. 

Our Father gives us surprises for our eyes every day... we simply have to look for them, recognize them, and appreciate them!  Have a blessed weekend.

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