Monday, June 07, 2010

Can you imagine...?

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs this morning and stumbled across this picture.  It just caused me to pause... long... and tempted me to imagine what it would be like to awake each day and walk into this living room.  Someone gets too.  Or at least when they visit this one of ten homes.  I'd never leave my house.  Can you imagine?  I mean seriously, the ENTIRE wall opens up to the ocean and sand.  I can just smell the wonderful salt air, hear the rolling crash of the waves, and feel the fresh breeze!!!! 

And of course there is more.  Here is the bedroom.  It just leaves me speechless... and that is hard to do!
It also leaves me with a rush of mixed emotions.  There is the sudden glimmer of peace mixed with sadness... sadness that I will never even vacation in such a place, much less live there!  The peace these photos just express by their very being makes me want to crawl right into the photograph!  It's amazing that just looking at such photos can actually make you feel peace and calm... serenity.

Then reality screams and jumps right back into my brain.   Reality that I can't even seem to get my house organized.  I have closets that would suck you in if you stood before them too long, drawers that would grab your fingers, boxes that would chase you down the hallway... if you came across them!  Hey!!  Maybe I could hire a staff and then I can have a house that looks like this... oh yea... forgot about all the money I'd need to do any of that... hmmmmm....

So I am trying hard... trying so very hard to slow down and get caught up on life.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.  But today is a day of rest.  And I am going to try and rest! 

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  1. YOUR house is beautiful!!!! And what's a home without a little clutter. It shows signs of life in the home. :) And trust me, your drawers are fine and your closets are no where near as bad as some that I've seen! Your house is spotless compared to most!


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