Monday, June 07, 2010

We are so destructive, please pray.

My heart is breaking.  Anger rages through me.  Sorrow lies in my soul.
These images are not pretty.  These images are just the tip of the iceberg... just
glimpses of the darkness that is to come... for years.

These innocent animals are in such distress.  God's creation just destroyed by man.
It infuriates me... man's greed and complete disregard for nature.

I know this was an accident.  This type of accident, oil spill, has happened again and again.
There were precautions that could have been taken.  And they weren't.
And it s-t-i-l-l continues to pour into our ocean.  It s-t-i-l-l continues to flow.

It can become distant to us... unless we are planning a trip to the beach.
That is why I am posting these pictures.  It may be distant to you... to me... but it is not
distant to the birds, the crabs, the fish, the sea turtles and the dolphins... I couldn't bring
myself to post the picture of the dead dolphin. 

Please pray.  I know I often request things of you.  And I am begging
you to pray.  Pray for wisdom to be given to the ones involved in the effort to
stop the spill, to clean it up, and to prevent future events.  Please pray for volunteers
to rescue and clean animals.  Please pray for God's hand to be on the animals.  Please 
pray for the people who are losing their income as the ocean is polluted.  Please pray
for the cities that are losing tourism, jobs, and income.  And please pray that our God
will have mercy on man... that He will prick hearts, kill pride, destroy greed and convict souls.  
Please pray the millions of gallons of oil will STOP FLOWING.

God hears our prayers... and He answers them.  God can heal and restore.

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  1. I just hate watching the news these days..makes me sick..


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