Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And then there was More...

There was a storm last night.  Our neighbor's beautiful pear tree was split in two and now lies over his yard.  Our dinning room ceiling leaked again, big time, turning the floor into a mini pool.  Then I awoke this morning to frantic cries across the seas that D and B were having problems getting home.  Imagine that... really... no way... not problems!? 

When they changed B's ticket from Amsterdam to Munich on the way over there... they changed both legs instead of just one.  So there they stood in Amsterdam, (which Abby calls Hamsterdams) on the way back, with B's ticket leaving from Munich.  And of course no one there would/could change it.  The friend who booked B's buddy pass ticket is on vacation (also of course)... but DID call me back from a fishing boat in the ocean off Myrtle Beach!  We did get the password and info needed and another friend (also a Delta pilot... thank you Jamie) used it to rebook her ticket out of Amsterdam (ANOTHER CHANGE FEE AND INCREASE IN PRICE) and then booked Don a ticket as well.

I THINK they are boarding in 30 minutes to fly home.  If there are no more frantic cries... I guess I'll be picking them up tonight! :0)

In the meantime, I am listing a kidney for sale on ebay and Craigslist if anyone wants first dibs!  And then I am booking a room in a far distant land (that I can get to by car, of course!) to retreat to for a week.


  1. Come to California with me! I can pack you in my suitcase! :)

  2. I'd be there in a heart beat but with my luck, your luggage would fall out somewhere over a desolute land and I'd die of thirst! :0) HA


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