Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something More Than You and Me

My heart is tugged by so many issues.  And there are... so... many... issues... that need Christian's attention, prayers, and help.  I know I can not save the world.  But I also know that I can get comfy in life and forget about the real reason I am here... why I am given breath each day.  And sadly, it's not so I can just decorate, soak up some sun, plant veggies and flowers, and raise my children (the last being the most important of those listed for sure and very important indeed!), but it is to be a servant of the Lord... to be His hands and feet.  Christ lives in me as a christian and I am supposed to be his vessel.  How often I can get tricked into thinking life is supposed to be cozy, calm, and safe.  This is one of the enemies best tools against the work of the Lord... distraction.

So I am posting about something today that infuriates me, saddens me, and ignites my passions.  And I feel God wants me to share it.  If one person is moved to think about it, pray about it, or move to help fight against it... then the enemy will lose that fight.

Children's Hope Chest is an organization I am just getting familiar with and God has given me a vision of how to bring it to our missions at church.  We'll see what happens there but I want to ask you to read this. 
http://www.hopechest.org/sex_cafe-in-moldova/  Are you shocked?  Do you know that the Atlanta airport is the number one hub for transporting these girls in the United States?  Can you really grasp how HUGE a problem this is?  Do you know that the percentage of girls who age out of orphanages and fall into this "life"/"death" is very very large?  Now can you commit to praying about it? 

Everytime you think of Abby, think to pray for her, remember she is from an orphanage... and pray for these girls.  Call off the darkness that surrounds these girls and pray for God to send HIS mighty angels to break them free.  Pray that ONE trafficker will be convicted by someone, something, by GOD HIMSELF and stop doing what he is doing.  Pray that ONE girl will be prompted by the Holy Spirit not to fall for the trap placed before her and that she will listen.  Pray that ONE patron will be pricked to the core and let his girl go without harm.  Specific prayer is powerful and so is praying directly against the darkness and evil, in the authority of God himself.

 Want to get/buy a Mother's Day gift that makes a difference in one of these girl's life!?  Click the above link and see what the purchase of this beautiful handmade necklace can do for someone else!

I know this is not a cute post.  There are no cute pictures.  There are no funny phrases.  Just something real and outside ourselves.  Something real that needs us... every one of us!  Please pray.  

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  1. wow, beautiful necklace! I might have to drop a few hints about that one for mothers day! This issue is huge... it has also been laid on our hearts. Check out Olivia's Song on facebook. It is a short film wrapped around a music video that my husband worked on. They are bringing the movie to different churches and partnering with organizations that work in rescuing these girls (and boys!). It is based on the song Olivia that is on his album. Anyway, just thought I would pass that along!


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