Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Ideas

Since I shared the idea of the very special necklace, I wanted to share some more great ideas in case any of you out there were struggling!  I think Mother's Day should be once a quarter.  I do.  And no apologies!  Anyway... here are some fun things to consider that are my FAVORITES!

Joanna, at does an AMAZING job with the personalized sterling silver stamped disk.  I just got my "Brenda" disk in the mail yesterday and it totally rocks!  You can have yours made with only the disk (how I wear mine), with your child's birthstone, or with the pearl, peridot, and sterling silver beads (represents God, life, and parents)!  She can even wrap it and mail it directly where you need it sent!  This is a GREAT idea for grandmother's on Mother's Day, too, with the grand kid's names... several names can fit on one disk!  $30 with sterling silver chain 

This is my totally favorite magazine right now!  My man brought one home for me a couple weeks ago that some one had left on the airplane (lucky me!).  It is full of  WONDERFUL, SIMPLE, AND YUMMY recipes.  I have made tomato soup twice from a recipe in there and it totally ROCKS!  It tastes so good and clean too!  It has great ideas for healthy and clean living.  Did I mention I love it?  AND...when you give a magazine subscription, the gift gives itself over and over and over again!  My mom gave me two for Christmas and I get that gift each month!  I love it!  Find the magazine here and give a great gift for a YEAR for just $10!!!!!

Along the lines of whole and healthy living, has some super yummy stuff for your face and body!  This way delish body scrub is just $4.25!  Can't you just smell it now!? 

And since that is SO affordable, add the spa facial party kit to that order for just $26.00! 
Her entire site is FULL of wonderful products... check her out!
Now you need some tunes to go with your new bathroom spa and so I give you, "Consumed" by Jesus Culture.  You can listen to it and see it and of course get it at  The passion this group shares every time they worship God in music just moves me to great worship myself!  I love them.  The words are amazing as is their heart for the Lord.  The album album is their newest and is $19.

Last but not least...

These beautiful necklaces are made by women in Uganda from recycled magazines.  Yeah.  And because they have been taught to make these, people buy them and the women are able to feed their children.  Yeah.  Way cool.  I have some strands I got at a fundraiser for "Children's Hope Chest" and I love them.  Every time I wear them, I think of the woman's hands who made them, the child she feeds by making them, I pray, and I am inspired.  You can get some here
for just $18 a strand.

I hope this helped.  Get busy.  It will be here before you know it!
Hugs to you.


  1. great ideas! I love the beeds from Uganda..I just bought some a few weeks ago at our church..LOVE them!

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