Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going Private

My sweet friends,
  Someone has taken posts from my blog, turned them into major lies, and have used them to try and hurt Brenda's heart.  This is the same someone who caused her confusion when she was in Latvia and tried to talk her out of coming to join our family.
  I know this is an attack against the beautiful thing that God is doing in Brenda's life... in all our lives.  But in order to protect her and the rest of the family, my blog will become private next Sunday, April 18th.  You can email me at and I will be happy to share the password with you so you can continue to read if you like.
I have some things to state for clarity.

1.) Brenda is one of the best blessings that could have ever happened to us.  We praise God for her and for the wonderful things He has planned for her.

2.) The lice episode we had with Brenda was and will remain one of the most beautiful moments and memories of my life with her.  I do not think poorly of anyone who has lice as everyone has it at one time or the other.  And I share things like this on my blog so my FRIENDS can see how beautiful God is to take something that someone might think is bad and make it into something so precious.

3.) We are not mad that Brenda's adoption is costing us money and we are not begging for people to help.  We have paid for two past adoptions and can pay for this one.  I will do whatever is needed to do and will sell whatever needs to be sold to pay the money needed to complete this adoption.  Life is more precious than any amount of money.  MANY people have wanted to help, offered help, and have already helped in many ways.  By our FRIENDS helping, it lets them be a part of Brenda's story, God's story, and adoption.  And we also give God the opportunity to provide that money if it is His will.  God says ask.  And we ask.  THIS is a beautiful part of this adoption being shared by MANY of our dear friends who can't adopt themselves.

4.) We think Brenda's foster family are wonderful and loving people.  They have cared for and loved Brenda in such a way that helps her be the amazing person she is today.  We know that Brenda came with no clothes as part of the New Horizons program and NOT because her family would not let her.  We owe them so much love and can not wait to meet them, love on them, and share our personal thanks with them for what they have done for Brenda as well as other children they have fostered.  We share the same heart for children and that is beautiful.   

5.) We do not think that foreigners can only adopt sick children.  We are not having Brenda taken to a doctor to make sure she is not sick like Abby.  Abby being sick has changed our lives in a way for the better more than we could have ever imagined.  We love her passionately whether she is sick of well.  It is part of the adoption process required by LATVIA to have a medical on the child and to have anything that is wrong mentioned in the homestudy.  Brenda could have 100 things wrong with her and we would love her the same! (if not more!)

There will be no more posts until we are private.  Thank you.


  1. Oh Dawn - I am so sorry to hear about the turmoil that is surrounding your family at this time. I just wanted to say what you already know. You and your family are beautiful representations of giving, loving and so much more. All of your kids are blessed to have you and your husband on their side. I of course would love to follow your story and would consider it an honor to be part of that story.

  2. Dawn, I am heartbroken that anyone could ever think that you have ill intentions about anything, much less an adoption. Brenda looks so very happy with her new family. Most people just don't realize all the paperwork an international adoption requires. And put me down for three bags of coffee! I want to help any way I can! Of course, I would love to follow your blog. Much Love! Sunny

  3. Is someone jealous of Brenda's potential happiness, or what!?! If only this person could spend some time with you...They would see how silly their accusations are and how pure your intentions are in every situation. You are an amazing women, Dawn.

  4. The enemy is certainly hard at work, my friend! It goes without saying that no one with a kind heart would be able to misconstrue your blogs and/or your comments.
    I, too, thought the lice story was inccredibly touching. You took a moment of potential shame and turned it into a beautiful bonding opportunity. You and Don were meant to parent ~ you have intuition for these things. Keep your eyes on God, Dawn ~ He'll always direct you appropriately. Let those against you sit in their misery.
    Yes, I'll email you for the password. Have a blessed day!!

  5. My dear sweet cousin. It brings tears to my eyes to see that someone is trying to tear you & your family down. And by extension, my family. I am standing with you at this time & will pray that the hurt you feel at this is quickly washed away. I love your blog & cherish your honesty & just wanted you to know you are loved by me. I will email you soon.

  6. So so so so sorry! Look forward to continuing to read your blog after you go private. Love you much!

  7. Thanks for letting me in. :) Look forward to reading more blogs soon.


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