Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Morning Today

Today the sun is shining... I love it.  I have two tomato plants full of green tomatoes in the back, rosemary and basil that I have to rub every time I walk by them, and a new addition of lemon thyme... yummy!  Then, as a surprise, we have strawberries growing in the corner of the little garden by the back kitchen window!  And I almost hacked them up!

But beyond the yummy things soaking up the sun... today, hopefully, will be a great day.  We should find out if Brenda is being granted the extra 60 days to stay.  The orphan court met yesterday and so we are hoping to hear very, very, soon as they are 7 hours ahead... it's already 2 p.m. the next day over there!

B continues to do well.  Her english just grows by leaps and bounds each day!  She is reading little chapter books and that is helping her with spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension.  She amazes me.  She has emotional moments here and there but usually we can talk through them and there is growth on the other end.

Abby is doing well.  We have decreased her Banzel from 600 mg twice a day to 200/400 mg.  We have increased her Topamax to 100/125 mg and she is having a seizure about every 5 days on average.  Prayers for her continued healing are so appreciated.  She amazes me with her ability to rebound after such a trauma to her body and mind.  She is back on track at school and the dark weeks of the past are just a faint little spot in her brilliant life book!

Marc is hillarious and keeps us laughing.  His emotional sensitivity still takes much patience but he is good at listening to us reason with him, getting control and waiting through the "drama"... like waiting for his turn with a toy, waiting for the milk to be handed to him, waiting for the door to open to play outside... you know, all the major issues of the day! :0)  Oh to be 2 again!  No thank you.

Love to you all.  I'll update as soon as I hear about the visa extension.  Our homestudy is finished and waiting approval.  Once we get one thing recopied onto letterhead and approval from the agency... we'll be able to mail it to immigration.   Prayers for God to just speedily walk it through that process in mad God fashion is so appreciated... it would be a miracle... and He does that you know!  Happy morning to you!!!

Brenda has been allowed to say until June.  We are rejoicing and so thankful!

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  1. Just signed in via the secure login and I wanted to say YAY!!!!! I am so happy that Brenda got approved to stay until June. I am praying for you guys every day!


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