Monday, April 26, 2010

In the mail

Our INS application was mailed in today... along with 50 other million documents! (application, homestudy, and copies of every certificate known to man... AND a signed letter stating those copies to be real and true!)  It just racks my brain every time I get ready to mail something like that!  One "t" not crossed or "i" dotted just right and the whole thing gets kicked out, sent back, and you start over!  SOOOO, it was prayed over and we are laying it at the foot of our Lord... it is now in His hands!  Whewww... don't I feel better now.

We had one of the best Sundays ever yesterday.  We treasure Sundays as the Lord's day and family day.

Worship was amazing and the Holy Spirit was on fire.  The message became passionate and people's hearts were touched!  It was so powerful and wonderful.  I was full of joy for hours.

We then went to this great new restaurant, "Fork in the Road", that's owned by the brother of someone at our church... and a fourth of our church was there!  Now that is just fun.

We came home, Don and I holed up in the room for an hour, and talked about a million things while the kids watched a movie.  THIS is going to have to become a new tradition.  It was great to be uninterupted and actually get to talk!

Then the movie was over, the kids all camped outside the door, and so we went off to "Rita's" on the golf cart (with the dog).  The weather was perfect and Rita's is always perfect (Italian ice in way yummified flavors with custard down the middle and on top!)

We then went back home and got ready to head to the tennis courts for some family fun.  Brenda and I scouted out the grounds near our neighborhood tennis courts and found 4 lonley tennis balls left on the outskirts of the fence!  We were very proud.  It was like hunting for Easter eggs!

We hit the tennis courts and played as a family.  Abby and Brenda both are learning to hit the ball.  They were so cute and tried so hard.  When they made contact, there were big smiles.  I love those kind of smiles!Marc just scooted an old ball around and we all tried not to hit him! 

I found myself looking around, on the courts, at our family.  Laughing.  Playing.  Learning.  Loving.  Enjoying the sunshine and enjoying each other.  I walked over and kissed my husband over the net.  When I was a child, this would have been one of my favorite days ever.  As a wife and mommy, it still was!

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  1. what a nice day you all had!..I just read Kelley Jane's daily journal from school and I LOVE her descriptions of her weekends and how often she says that she loves to be with her family. Those are wonderful memories that can only be built together! Extra prayers being sent your way that all the t's are crossed and i's dotted!


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