Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday

Well, since NOONE has commented on my chipmunk story, I am left to think you are all offended at my attitude toward the cat! HA  Oh well, can't be perfect, I have and continue to SOOOO learn that!  (and I am just kidding)

Don is on a very special trip with his two best friends.  They are in Florida, with his brother, riding the river, catching and frying fish, sleeping under the stars, and exploring underground caves! It's a man trip!  It is a celebration trip for Don's big birthday year this year and I am so glad he is sharing with two men God has placed in his life... and his brother. 

True friendship among men is a very special thing.  Actually, it's a very precious thing among women too.  But men can be guarded and walled off around other men.  They can be unemotional and somewhat detached.  Whenever something is wrong with Abby, these men rally around my husband in a way that has moved me to tears.  We can be driving to the hospital and they will be texting him with prayers, words of encouragment, and simply... brotherly love.  It touches me deeply.  They have man meetings and discuss life things and work things and God things.  They should have a club house!  Wait... actually, they do, it's Starbucks!

Another amazing thing is what they have in common.  All of them have lost their earthly fathers.  Each of them carries that hole... that loss.  But all of them also seek and draw close to their heavenly Father.  All of them cherish and prioritize their families.  All of them are amazing devoted fathers to their children.  All of them are wonderful husbands to the women God has placed in their life.  All of them have little boy hearts.  All of them have large responsibilities.  All of them love the great outdoors.  All of them fly.  And all of them possess great integrity.

I am so happy for them this week/weekend.  And I pray God covers them with His hand, showers them with His presence, and bonds them closer together than ever before! 

Speaking of birthdays, TODAY is my precious sister's birthday.  Oh how I love Cynthia.  She makes me laugh... I love laughing with her.  I love her sense of humor.  I love her little girl heart.  I love her big girl dreams.  I love her smile and I simply adore to hear her laugh.  I love the way Abby loves her.  I love the way she loves my children.  I love the way she loves animals.  I love, love, love her...deeply.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS NEENER!  I am so thankful God gave you to me as a sister!


  1. Sweet post! I told Robby about the chipmunk story this morning and he cracked up! I should have commented! Sorry! Our favorite part was when you tossed the cat over the fence! (Neither of us have a love for cats) So, we aren't offended at all! Especially if it was hurting a chipmunk!
    I have to be careful though because some times when we are watching a movie, if something happens to an animal, I can get more worked up about that than if something happened to a human! (Not cats though...sorry !!)
    I love you! You are the best, and thanks for such a funny story.

  2. Thanks, Dawnie... I enjoyed laughing with you this morning, too. I miss you tons and I can't wait to see you. Love you.

  3. Sweet Dynthia is all grown up! happy birthday hugs to her from Chris and Tom!

  4. I'm not going to comment on the chipmunk story. LOL It was quite an amusing story though, Dawn. You are precious!

    I have to say that it is such a blessing to be married to a man who reaches out to other men for fellowship. Scott is that kind of man too and I love that! I love that Don and Scott have touched base a couple times lately.

    So glad you've gone private and thwarted that evil teacher's plan to twist the truth.

    Love you girl!

  5. Thank you all for your comments!
    Yes, Joanna, I can too be more worked up about animals than humans! Cynthia, can't wait to see and hug you! Chris, so funny you remember "Dynthia"! And Heather, yes, I love what not only our husbands have in common... but our common hearts too. How I wish you were still here to share our lives with you more!
    Love to you all!


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