Monday, February 08, 2010

Welcome Week of Love!

This morning I heard the radio peeps proclaim this the "Week of Love" and I thought... "I like that!"
And so I am claiming this the week of love and so should you!  I wanted to start of the week by sharing one of my favorite sites ever, with you in case you need a great place to shop or just some inspiration!    

I did some virtual shopping there this morning... here is what I found...

For Abby: A Too Cute apron that she would LOVE as she loves to wear one in the kitchen with me!

For Brenda: Very cute and colorful butterfly hair clips... as she LOVES butterflys!

For Marc: Adorable little wooden letter blocks... Love them... hopefully he'll actually want to play with toys one day instead following me around!  Learning letters will be nice too!

For me: Some very chic and colorful earrings from one of my favorite etsy stores... shy siren...

For my Fly Boy:  Well, this is the main thing I don't like about etsy... I don't find much there for him.  Men are so hard to buy for anyway... especially for Valentines Day.  I look up wood sculptures for an airplane... they all looked like toys.  They do have cool T-shirts... thought about that one.  Then I thought about a cool photograph... of what...?  Hmmmm.  He's really not "into" that much... (flying is his job... not really into planes... he's into his family but there is no photograpgh of us on there) makes it kinds hard.  So... I'll have to ponder that one!

I actually have a gift for each of the kids here and I sent Brenda's home with her.  Getting things through customs over there is a nightmare... they charge whatever they feel like as a "tax" and the recipient has to pay that to get what you have sent them.  So sadly, I won't be sending her anything while she is there... very sad.  Very wrong.  I am also making something cool for Abby that I will share later in the week! 

As for celebrating love week, I am going to do something loving for someone each day of the week... even strangers!  I am super excited!!!!!!  Want to join me...?  Do something fun, loving, thoughtful for someone each day this week.  If your mail person is a woman... put a small box of chocolates in your mailbox for her!  Buy a small bouquet of flowers at the grocery store... then give them to the check out girl... or a sweet little old lady walking to her car!  Have your kids make a valentine and give it to the guy behind your coffee shop counter... or the first person you see in public who seems to be in a bad mood!  Put a note on a random car in a parking lot and remind someone that God is just crazy about them! 

Come on... I dare you... share the love this week!!!!!!!! 

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