Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Prayer Request

Hello dear friends.  As I posted several weeks ago, my mom had some knee surgery done.  She was admitted into the hospital last night after having very intense pain in her calf for a couple days.  It was and is an 8 inch blood clot.  God is so very good.  My parents thought it was like a huge charlie horse when it first started and were doing some major rubbing and massaging of the mass.  IF that thing would have dislodged, it would have been as bad as it could be as it would have moved to her lung... We are just PRAISING HIM for his hands of protection!

She is expected to be in the hospital for three to four days on blood thinner and then on one for three months to prevent further clots.  Your prayers for speedy disolve of this clot and discharge from the hospital are appreciated!  And don't forget the PRAISE!  Thank you!


  1. SEnding my prayers!

  2. My father just went through the same thing , they found multiple clots in his legs , he was traveling in a car as well from a long road trip , he is lucky he didn't have a stroke , he's on blood thinners now and doing just fine .

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    So happy they eventually got some medical care ~ Go God!!

  4. Our prayers are on the way! That was our biggest fear with Tom..so far so good and we stop the blood thinners today! Yippee, for some reason that drug really freaks us out.


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