Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ready for Change

In an effort to keep my blog real, I sometimes share when I am not GREAT and HAPPY and OPTIMISTIC!  Well, this is such a time.  So stop reading now if you want bubbly Dawn because this is a post from tired and highly irritated Dawn. :0) (But I am smiling.)

I am finding myself just highly irritated.  And I don't like it.  I am irritated that it continues to rain ALL THE TIME and the backyard has been a mudpit for months and it gets tracked in numerous times a day.  I am irritated that we still have a hole in the dinning room ceiling that has been there since the first of November... of last year.  That's all I am going to say about that one.  I am irritated that I just don't have enough time to get everything  I want to get done... done.  I am irritated that the "adoption" process with Brenda is just so in limbo... it's exhausting.  I am irritated with the fact that I don't fit well into my clothing.  I am irritated with Fly Boy.  And lastly... I am simply irritated that I am irritated.  Yeah.  I'm just a great little party sitting here.

I hate feeling this way.  I am praying about it.  Talking about it with Fly Boy last night was mildly helpful.  Sitting in the sunshine on my back porch on Sunday enjoying the day was also mildly helpful.  But it's here... just sticking to me like a smelly little stinch.

I am ready for the rain to stop longer than one day and for the grass to grow back and some of the horrible red Georgia clay to disappear and my floors to be clean longer than 10 minutes.  I am ready for spring breezes to blow through the windows and play with the curtains.  I am ready for days upon days of sunshine.  I am ready for color to appear as beautiful little blooms rise up to play with the sun.  I am ready for solid information and a clear path with Brenda.  I am ready to fit into my clothes again and not have to try on 6 pairs of pants before one fits. (I have been walking and it's... mildly helping!)
I am ready to be caught up on the house... for things to be repaired, organized  and FINISHED. I am ready to fill joy again.  I prefer that to this all day long. 

So I'll continue to pray and wait... and try not to talk to anyone in the mean time!


  1. Hope things begin to look up for you..it seems there are a lot of my friends feeling this way lately... :(

  2. I wish there was an anti irritated pill that we could take at times like these - sometimes being irritated breeds being MORE irritated.

    I will say an extra anti-irritated prayer for you (and me) tonight!

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    sending hugs from Washington state...they get bigger as they go across the USA --so its a HUGE hug!
    love ya
    erin a

  4. Anonymous9:36 PM

    There's a lot of this going around. I think the weather deserves a lot of the blame ~ gloominess outside eventually just seeps inside our bones.
    Shortly, you're going to be all smiles again. Until then, smile through the irritation! :-)


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