Friday, February 26, 2010

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There is an article today about the "Dirty Dozen"... foods that you really should splurge and buy organic.  Abby's illness has caused us to take a hard look at food and nutrition.  Much of what we eat from the grocer is simply deplete of vitamins and minerals.  Soil in which it is grown is not rested and doesn't have the minerals and vitamins in it... then food is picked before it's ripe to make it to the grocer in a form that looks appealing to the consumer... oh... and it's sometimes frozen on the way there... and if that isn't bad enough... it's covered in pesticides and other bad chemicals.  Hmmmmmmmmm... wonder why our country is totally consumed by cancer?

Here is the link to the article and it is worth reading... what we put into our bodies is just too important to ignore.

On that same note:  the growth hormones in milk alone messes with our children big time.  Girls are having their periods YEARS earlier than they used to (or should) and hit puberty earlier due to being pumped with growth hormones (and antibiotics) given to cows to mass produce the meat this country consumes... so sad.  So needless to say... we buy organic milk... along with many other things. 

Anyway, enough of that soap box... Marc's birthday was this past Saturday and he was 2!  The sun made a wonderful appearance and we were able to have the party outside in the sunshine.  Here are some pics (for my mom).  Abby had one seizure this morning... it was a long one.  Please pray through out the weekend when you think of her. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

When is this thing going to start?

Seuss cakes...


  1. Adorable!!! I love the harmonica pic! Happy Birthday to Marc and prayers for Abby.

  2. I love those cupcakes - Dr. Seuss has a birthday in March you know!


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