Monday, April 13, 2009


Yes, that is a "Woo Whoooo!" I officially finished my LAST batch of taxes for my former business, Georgia Jewels! NO MORE BEAD COUNTING EVER!!!!!!!! I much prefer selling my decorating services! No counting needed... just shopping with friends, picking paint colors and decorating with them! LOVE IT! Mary Jane is my favorite "client" but her mom is a close second! :0)

In addition, Abby's MRI and MRS have come back clean/normal. This is always good news BUT we were hoping a specific thing was going to show up on the MRS because then we could treat it... but it wasn't there... still a blessing. She has been having a seizure a week but is coming up on a two week mark... I think. I have been taking melatonin to sleep and may have slept right through one. She had a DNA blood test done last week that may show us something... we'll see. As for now, she is loving school (PRAISE) and doing pretty good!

We had the home inspection done on our house today... one of our two major hurdles. We should hear something back by tomorrow. Once that is done and the appraisal is done... I can start packing. I am collecting boxes now from my friends at Anne Taylor Loft!

And the adoption is still hanging on out there. Seriously. I haven't shared much because I wasn't sure what was happening but the family is begging us to take him. We told them they had to come clean with the birth father's name and he has to be served with papers to sign. He is in Texas and "should" be served this week. He has 30 days to respond. Mercy. It's going to be a long and crazy month but we keep TRYING to keep our eyes on the Lord and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Happy Monday. I hope to post something fun tomorrow and someone is making a link button for my blog!

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