Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Tip on

Our appraisal is tomorrow. Prayers are in order, as in everything that we seek in our lives. They are coming in really low... banks are wainkin out and have set all these new guidelines and it's really CRAZY and it's really in turn hurting the economy even more... anyway... prayers.

As for a tip this week... the beautiful world of JARS! We started recycling about a year ago and I am just amazed at how much we don't throw away anymore. It really feels good. That prompted the washing of jars before placing them in the bin and that prompted my little creative mind to start turning. Now, saving and using jars is like a hobby!

Some of my jars I have purchased... ssshhhhhh! But most of them are pickle jars, jelly jars, salsa jars, pasta sauce jars, artichoke hearts jars, and baby food jars (from my friend Ryan). Some of the jars I use without lids and some I use the lids (after spray painting them white of course!).

I use them for vases now. I don't even like to use my "real" vases anymore. There is something just much more home like in using a recycled jar! The baby food jars are going to hang from branches in the trees with little tea light candles in them after we move to our new house.

Here are some pics of jars in my home. Get creative, take a small step in helping the planet, and reuse your jars!

Cookie Jar- Wal-Mart (less than $6) Soy nuts are in reused jar

Shells and stones I collected on a beach in Sicily in vintage jars from Goodwill (about $3 each)
Large jar also from Wal-Mart with travel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions
(free from hotels). I put this jar in the guest room on a side table when we have guests!Pencils and markers and pens in jelly and pickle jars. White beans are added to keep pencil tips from breaking when they hit the bottom AND for texture and fun!


  1. Oh, I have a thing for jars too! too funny!


  2. Ok, I'm copying you! Love this!


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