Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Tip...

OK. So my giveaways didn't work out the way I had hoped. I was trying to add some fun to my blog. So... I am just going to share a tip on Tuesday's now.

Today's tip is on how to have fabulous curtains for little money! Curtain panels can be so expensive and they are now mainly sold in single panels instead of packs of two... they are so clever. You may buy two panels at 19.99 each but buying a pack of two for $40 would seem like a lot more!

Here is tip number one. Buy one curtain panel, fold in down the middle, iron it, cut it in half, and hem. You now have two panels for the price of one. This works even better today than a few years ago because they are making panels super wide! I did this with our curtains in the Master Bedroom and took the "new pair" to our lake house... for free!

Tip number two is to buy a cloth shower curtain that you like and cut it in half to make two curtain panels. They have the holes in the top already that you can tie ribbons in to connect them to your rod or you can hang them with curtain clips. They usually have great detail and you can get a great shower curtain for $20 - $25 or less!

Tip number three comes from the famous Layla at one of my favorite blogs, the lettered cottage. She used painters drop clothes from Home Depot for curtain panels! They are made with heavy fabric, are neutral in color, and are hemmed on all four sides! How cool is that!? You probably could cut one of those in half too and make two panels from them. And they are just $10 each!

So hopefully being creative and saving money is fun for you too! Do you have a cool money saving trick you want to share during this not so flourishing economic time? Please leave a comment and share with us!


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    love your ideas!!! thank you so much Dawn.... hey with the painters cloths... how do you add the holes on top?
    thanks so much!
    erin a

  2. Hi Erin... you hang the drop clothes with curtain ring clips... like in the picture. They have clips on one end and rings on the other. You can get them at Target, Wal-Mart, Linen-N-Things (sometimes) or other higher end stores. TJ MAXX also has them sometimes!


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