Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday and such...

Well, this week has started with a BANG! We sold our house Sunday and got a contract on the one we wanted to buy. This should bring excitement BUT there is still much to be done. We are nervous about our appraisal as they are way down in this less than fabulous economy. We got a great offer on our house and so now we just need the appraisal to match! (Prayer request number one!) I KNOW the Lord can do anything!

We are also trying to get some last minute maintenance items finished before the home inspector comes out on this one. One of which is replacing all the gutters. We had someone lined up to do that and then they just called today to say they can't do it for the amount they quoted us and want $300 more. Fly Boy will have to deal with that one tonight. (Prayer request number two!)

We are having the home inspection done tomorrow on the one we are buying and are hoping that everything is fine there. (Prayer request number three!)

Lastly, THANK YOU all for your love and your prayers. God reaches out to me through you and I am so touched by your words of encouragement and emails of kindness and love. Thank you for walking this emotional path with me, with my family, and supporting us. I love you all so very much.

There are some new issues that have presented themselves in this adoption situation... can you believe it? I am not going to write about specifics now as Fly Boy and I are in prayer and much conversation about them. God has shown us that HE remains in control and HE can be glorified that by us walking away... untruths on the part of the birth family have been brought out of the darkness and into the light. I KNOW without a doubt that this was part of God's plan and His will in how things happened and it excites me to the depths of my soul to see my Savior's sovereignty in action! I will share when I can... until then... because I know you have nothing else to do... you can add this as prayer request number 4!
P.S. This is a card I have made for a friend and I wanted to share it with all my blog friends as well! Hugs...

Have a beautiful day.

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  1. Dawn, thank you for your comment so that I can now pray for you guys. I am humbled to be able to do that.

    You may already read this blog, but if not, it is written by a family who went through a sad adoption struggle last Christmas-look back through posts til late Nov/Early December:

    Praying for you, and good luck on your house sale and purchase! Exciting!! Can't wait to see how you decorate!



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