Saturday, March 03, 2012


We have had some birthdays around here last month.  My birthday was the 3rd, Dusty's was the 4th, and Marc's was the 20th!   Not many pictures from my birthday.  I know.  I don't deserve to own my camera lately.  It was low key but we did go bowling and that could have been some cute photos!  Boo.

Here are a few of mine and some pictures of Marc's big day!  We had a small party as everyone we knew was out of town!  This happens every year for Abby in July too... hmmmmm... starting to wonder about our friends????  LOL

Cupcakes for me!

The girls.

Little gathering.

E enjoying her cupcake.

My dear friend Melanie.  I love her so much.

Yes, I am four.  And I am very happy about being four! :0)

The Spiderman cake!

Awwww--- noise makers!

And sugar sticks! LOL

Happy Birthday To You!!!!!

Making a WISH!

The Chillies.

Birthday masks with one of his best buddies.


Be blessed this weekend.  Celebrate life and health every day.

Love and Hugs.

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