Friday, March 16, 2012

T-ball and chalk paint

Somebody has his second t-ball game tomorrow.  Someone LOVES it!  It is so very adorable to watch these little guys run all over the field and often times in circles!  After they hit the ball, they stand there with huge smiles and you are yelling... "Drop the bat and run... run... run."  And then about 5 seconds later they are like.. "Oh... run... yeah... run..." and then they run... and not always to a base much less first base!  LOL  Adorable.

Daddy is one of the coaches.  Little man getting his pep talk...

 Getting ready...

Taking the hit!

And he's off... and to first base!  :0)

It is simply precious.  The joy he gets from being there... from his hat... from his baseball shirt and shoes (and he is getting baseball pants today)!  Pure, sweet, simple boy joy.  It is priceless.

And I mustered up some courage and started a little project that is bringing me joy...

This tired little stool was wanting to be refreshed... it told me so... many times!

Here is a sneak peek at her now... in the process of becoming refreshed!
My lifted soul, being refreshed in the process, is a bonus!

And here is my buddy... my painting buddy.  Although you can see he was NOT wanting to paint.
Lucky for him, I can multi-task!
I can throw the ball down the hall 20 times while using my fabulous Annie Sloan chalk paint (that has been WAITING for me to use for 11 months now... yes... the receipt in the box was April 2011... sad... so sad) on my tired little stool and sing praises at the same time!  LOL

Speaking of chalk paint and joy... you MUST check out one of my favorite blogs at and try to win this amazing and generous gift!  Good luck!  If you win... you must share with me! :0)

Have a blessed weekend.
Love, Dawn


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I LOVE this! My little bro is growing up. So excited for him that he is enjoying T ball so much. Love you guys! -Jennifer

  2. Can't wait to see it when it's done, you know I love your projects!! :)


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