Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It is almost THAT time...

 So close... oh so very close... it is almost THAT time...

Blooms are bursting forth with color and new life... and it is almost here... THAT time to...

I get almost giddy thinking about it really... being so close and all... THAT time to...

climb up into the attic and get out the WHITE SLIP COVERS!  Oh joy!!!  How I love my white slip covers!!!  My living room is about to brighten and get all yummy again!!!!!

Spring has sprung and I love her much!

Happy day!


  1. I LOVE white slip covers. I want some so badly, Eugene keeps trying to veto me on that saying they're too hard to keep clean. Erg!

  2. Shout and bleach... works like a charm! Having them off for the fall and winter has helped too. I have had mine 5 years now and I think I can squeeze at least 2 more out of them! Then, they are only $150 each to replace from IKEA!!!! Love it!


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