Monday, March 12, 2012

Hope in Hosting... and LIFE IN LOVE

Five weeks can change an entire life forever.  So can one decision.  A decision to host an orphan is one that shakes the heavens... gives hope to a heart... and brings glory to God.

The deadline to host with Project One Forty Three is in May.  This is March.  Time.  Time to make a difference that will last for generations.
Please turn off music on player on the right hand side of the blog before playing this video.  And please share it with whoever you feel led to share it with.

Thank you.


  1. Sending this one in a mass e-mail. Perhaps will have more than the usual one or two responses :-/

  2. I sent it to everyone in my firm (60+ people) two days ago. I had one response. ONE!!! Yet, everyone responds when cute animal pictures are forwarded. BTW - I work in a 100% Christian environment :-/
    I did not ask for money or even prayer - just to forward to others so people know...
    Oh well, God can still use one, right? I am not even mad, just sad.

  3. I deal with this kind of response ALL THE TIME. SO SO SO HEARTBREAKING. They are children... children. Heaven is full of tears at how Satan has clutched the hearts of so many and frozen them in fear. Oh LORD, do return soon and claim what is yours.

  4. Silence speaks words that echo louder than a scream.


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