Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fall is a time to fight... and a time for faith.

My precious Abby is fighting again.  And so am I.

Like the arrival of fall brings falling leaves, it also seems to bring with her an increase in seizures for my little brave fighter.  Each October the trend begins.  Each summer, as she does so well, I think this year may be different.  We pray.  We praise.  We pray.  We fast.  We pray.  We praise. 

We are praying for a decrease in Abby's seizures.  We are praying for healing.  We are praying for mercy.  We are praying for power.  We are praying for grace.  We are praying for faith.

I was reading in my devotional the other night and the words hit me in the face.  It said, "Faith is not believing that God can heal.  Faith is believing God wants to and will."  I pondered that over and over.  I have said many times that I believe God can heal her but didn't know if He wanted to.  Not that He is simply overlooking her, or choosing for her to suffer, but that He might have some other plan for her... for this... for us. 

It is a hard time but as always... it pushes us closer to the Father's feet and makes us search harder and deeper for His face.

Your prayers are such a gift.  We never take one for granted.

As always, I love to ask for specific prayers.  So here is my list if you want to take a moment and pray through it!  Add any other fabulous requests you can give Him of course!!

1. For complete and total healing.
2. Protection over Abby from falls, over her body, her heart, her mind, and her abilities.
3. For her body to get what it needs nutritionally to provide for her.
4. Faith to be increased in much measure for Don and me.
5. For God to give us wisdom and strength and energy and peace.
6. For us to see God in this.
7. Silence the lies of the enemy that come hand in hand with these attacks.
8. For God to be glorified in this trial.
9. Praise the Lord for what He has already done for Abby... for how He has healed her!
10. Praise Him for what He is going to do in her life!

Thank you.  So so so much... thank you.


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    I can't believe how beautiful Abby is. She is growing into such a lovely young lady. you are in our prayers.
    love from Germany,
    Erin a

  2. Standing in the gap with you!


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