Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh Pinterest...

There is a little website I like to go to when I need a brain break.  I don't watch tv except for the occassional show on Netflix and so sometimes when I am fried from the parenting/cleaning/laundry routine of life... I click over to this little website called "Pinterest" and escape.  Not only do I find beautiful things to look at... I often find inspiration!

So I have decided to share some of my Pinterest finds here from time to time because they are just too good to keep to myself! :0)

Tonight's little jaunt brought me these little ideas...

Look at these totally adorable bookmarkers!  Get some free paint chips and get to work!  Instead of the metal gramits (sp?), you could also use the white sticker circle thingies you put on the holes of your notebook paper... may be easier and cheaper!  This will be a great winter project with the chillies and I have tons of rubber stamps!  This would be fun to make at a birthday party too!

Then there is this adorable gift idea!  How fun to give to new neighbors!  You could also do one with magnets to local pizza places, local "to go" menus, and other items.  For a teacher, it could have an apple, pencils, dry erase markers, sticky notes, and tape in it!  Or a smores kit for a friend!  Or make-up for a teen birthday gift!  Or full of hot wheels for a little boy!  The ideas are endless and these jars are at Wal-Mart for about $5 or World Market for $3.50!  Totally using this idea forever!

And then there are these wonderful little outfit boards!  They are some of my favorite things to find!  I can get in a clothes rut and when I do, I run down and get an idea from Pinterest!  I usually have something similar enough to pull off the look.  I have a black fitted t-shirt, an off white scarf, gray sweater, jeans and red shoes!  Don't laugh when you see me in this get up!  LOL

Then there is the whole... "WISH THIS WERE MY HOUSE" section!  Yeah.  I can dream!

And last, but so not least, are the precious pictures of God's creatures that bring me joy the moment I see them!  I mean, how can you be in a bad mood when you see this baby?  LOVE HIM!

I do have to say/warn that Pinterest does have images on there that I WISH they would not have there... or at least have in another section.  It is the one thing I HATE about the site.  But when I am logged in, they are few as they are not the items I click on or pin.  Other than that, it's my little esacpe from time to time!

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