Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never, ever stop asking...

We can have such little patience with our God who bathes us in His grace and abundant patience each and every moment of our life.  What would our life look like if God had patience with us at the same level as we have with Him?  Wow.  What about the patience we offer to others?  Wow.  Hopefully that causes you to stop and take a little inventory of yourself as it does with me.  Patience has never been one of my greatest fruits.  Are there things in our spiritual lives we have stopped seeking because they didn't arrive on our time table?  Are there prayers we have stopped praying because we didn't get the answer we wanted when we wanted it?  Are there people we have given up on because they have not become who we wanted them to become when we wanted them to?  Have we stopped seeking because we actually may think we have it all or because more is not that important?  Or because we didn't find what we were looking for fast enough? 
This scripture in Matthew seems pretty clear... almost too clear.  And yet, we can run right past it... or even say it doesn't mean what it really says.  But it says, "seek and you will find"... not seek and you might find... not seek for as long as you want and you might find... but seek and you will find... knock and the door will be opened to you.  The trick is believing and faith and endurance.  Knock.  How many times?  Until the door is opened.  Because the LORD says it will be opened.  Believe that and KEEP knocking until it is opened... because it will open!!  And how long do we seek... until we find because if we believe we will find... we will seek until we do!

Lies and distractions keep us from the promises of the LORD.  I am so very thankful for His promises and His word that breathe life into me and give me the strength I need to walk this journey.  I am so very thankful for the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes and ears and unveils God's word to penetrate deep down and TRANSFORM us.  Transformation is one of the most beautiful parts of being a Christian... and the most painful.  Dying to ourselves each and every day and looking exposed sin in the face and rebuking it, repenting of it, and leaving it, fresh and radiant is His light and grace, is one of the most beautiful privileges of being His child. 

Whatever you are seeking in the LORD... KEEP SEEKING... UNTIL you FIND!
And whatever door you are knocking on before the LORD... KEEP KNOCKING UNTIL is OPENS...

Because His word is TRUTH!

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