Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to catch up...

I downloaded some pictures today from several camera cards and realized how much life has gone by lately.
Time keeps moving faster and faster.  So here is a small glimpse of some things past... recent and not so recent! HA!

Abby spent some time in the hospital last fall.  Grammy sent her some flowers in the mail.  Very cool.

We are so very thankful she is so much better.  In addition to her seizures being greatly decreased, we have gotten her totally off of Klonapin!  We already see several differences.  For one, she is waking up in the night again to go to the bathroom!  She is back in big girl panties at night and we are thrilled for her.  The drug just knocked her out so badly, she couldn't wake up in the night... this is a great praise! 

She also is learning a little bit better at school.  She has made several 100's on her spelling tests and we are very proud of her, her determination and her hard work!

I love her smile in this picture... it's so her!  Thank you, Grammy, for the thoughtfulness and the very sweet gift!

Marc had a birthday this past weekend!  He is now THREE.  Wow.  Thomas the Train was his pick of "theme" this year.  There wasn't much out there and so luckily I found some whistles to be cupcake toppers.
Our kids have a party every other year.  So this year, Marc's party was low key and just family.  The weather was one of the greatest gifts!  It was over 70 degrees and so the day was spent outside.

You have to love presents!

One-Two-Three--- BLOW!

And dive in!

Booggers, Icing, and Snot... mmmmmm.

It was my dad's birthday too (their days are one day apart) and so he came and spent the weekend with us!
Happy birthday Dad!

At the beginning of winter, Taylor's choir gave a performance that was pretty cute, "The American Dream".
Don and I found it very appropriate for our new little American and were moved by several things in the show.  She did a great job.

When it was over, our little dreamer wouldn't give us a smile.  SOMETHING was wrong.  You know
how mommies figure things out.  I quickly realized our little one was a bit miffed she hadn't had a special part in the production.  We had encouraged her to try out for one, but she wanted none of it.  Well, then seeing the production happen, apparently she had a change of heart... on stage!  Poor thing.  I was so sad.  Daddy kept trying to get her to smile and so we finally did this for the 20th try...

This beautiful moment snapped her out of her pity party and we were able to move on... for a moment until Abster decided she wanted her own beautiful moment captured...

I was forced to flash my beauty once again! HA!

Marc was in a "don't take my picture" mood as usual and so we managed to get this one... although T is toody again here and the stage lighting was horrible!  Oh well.

This is a lovely picture Taylor made in art that was displayed in the hallway that night.  I think it is fabulous!

And lastly, here is my fall mantel.  I loved it so much.  I hated to take it all down and change it to winter.  I think the color orange makes me happy.  Who knew?  It actually might be my hidden favorite color... along with lime green (not together of course).  I have never thought I had a favorite color... I just love color... no... I love combinations of color!  But orange just makes me smile! :0)  I'll show you my winter look later!  

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