Friday, September 11, 2009

Until later...

Thank you for your prayers. Our appointment went well yesterday with Abby's doctor. We love the new doctor we are working with... he listens to us, he takes time with us, and he is proactive. We are moving forward with about 4 things... one of which is starting a new medication that came out this year. We aren't going to start it until we get back from our trip. We also had some blood work done yesterday for a genetic panel test. You can start praying for those two things in all your spare time!
I can not believe we are leaving tomorrow for Spain. The excitement is starting to rise in me! My husband suggested I take my old little camera instead of my new wonderful one and I said, "Are you kidding me!? I am going to Spain and you want me to take my little point and shoot!?" I didn't need to say anything more. He got it! I totally will be a photographing fool biscuit and so I will share with you when I get back!
Until then, you can also pray for my parents while they are here with the kids. My mom is having a really bad time with her knees and is going to have surgery in January... our stairs are not going to be the best for her. And keeping up with two little kids when you are now empty nesters will also be a CHANGE! Plus, Abby is having seizures so please pray that the Lord will cover them and fill them with confidence and peace... and cover our home in protection. Abby will be FINE! She is super excited they are coming. Please pray for Marc that he will have peace and comfort and the Lord will just fill him with confidence that we are going to return!
And lastly, please pray for Don and I. Please pray for a SAFE TRIP. And please pray that God will give me peace to let my mind rest while we are away and enjoy alone time with my husband and NOT be worrying about the kids. Please pray our time is blessed.
THANK YOU! These are wild flowers we picked the other day. They are for you sweet friends!
Much love and I'll be back soon! Hugs.


  1. Have FUN Dawn..and YES, take LOTS of pictures..what was Don thinking? lol

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    That SO sounds like my dad. Ever the practical one (I know because I am just like him sometimes), he doesn't want it to get damaged/lost/stolen. But, he forgets how AWESOME this trip is going to be and how many wonderful images you will want to capture. Can't wait to see them! Have a great time!


  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    you will be in our prayers! have a wonderful time! i will be thinking of you. keep me in your prayers as i have Paige on the 16th.

    love you
    erin a

  4. Have an amazing trip! Enjoy and just know that everything will go great while you are away! I can't wait to see all of your photos!


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