Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sneak Peek into Spain...

I LOVE visiting other countries! I love the language. I love the people. I love the atmosphere. I love the similarities and I love the differences (most of them... as I DESPISE AND HATE AND LOATHE BULL FIGHTING... aka needless torture of an amazing creature God created for the sick amusement and entertainment of the people He created... I AM passionate about it!).

We are back safely, my parents survived and the children did amazingly well. Answered prayers are always a highlight! It's a rainy Saturday and I am taking delight in taking it easy. I locked myself into the guest room to finish a book earlier and I am happy to report I am still in my pajamas at 2:14 in the afternoon... a lingering quality from Spain!

So this is just a little teaser with some fun pictures from the trip. I'll share more in much more detail next week. It was beautiful. The country, the time there, the people, the rest, the conversation, the everything. Of course, I wanted to stay longer. But it was a wonderful blessing and I am so thankful for the opportunity and the memories.
I snapped this picture from the window of our apartment one night before we went out to dinner. Isn't it amazing? It stormed several times while we were there and neither of us cared a bit. How else would I have known that thunderstorms sound amazingly different in Spain? Who knew!? I was blown away by it and feel so lucky to know now!
Have a wonderful and restful weekend. Hugs.

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  1. Campbell Papac1:06 PM

    Great pictures!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them!! It look like you had an amazing trip!


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