Friday, September 04, 2009

Dear Inspired Room...

Oh how I love stopping by and seeing your "inspiration"! I also sucked my tongue down my throat when I saw the post for your contest! I was tempted to send you some pictures of rooms in my house when we moved in a few months ago in hopes to win your contest and be blessed with the shopping spree at my FAVORITE store ever, HomeGoods/TJ MAXX... aka... Maxiums!!!

But I have been working on those rooms and not one of them is in GREAT need, although they each could always use a special touch.

"So many other people really need that spree," I thought to myself. Then it hit me... I know one of those people and she is very dear to my heart. And she could use a blessing right now.

I'll call her "K". She just gave birth to her fourth child last month. But she had no nursery prepared nor a home to nest. It took her and her husband over a year to sell their home and when they did it was sudden and they had to be out fast. They had no where to go. They bid on a couple houses and didn't get them. They moved in with his parents for what they HOPED would be a 3 month, at the most, stay. It was almost another year. House after house didn't happen. Karen realized she was pregnant. Banks didn't fall through with paperwork and left them hanging and "K" struggled with what God was trying to show her, how He was trying to "grow" her, but she wanted a "home".

Finally... a foreclosure became available and they made an offer on it. They got it. They purchased a home that the previous owners had majorly damaged in their anger with the bank. There were holes in the walls, rips all in the flooring, and they even took the kitchen cabinets!

Nine months pregnant, she and her husband, along with some loving friends, worked into the wee hours trying to make this house a home. They are set to move in any day. But there is much to be done.

Karen gave up her job to be a stay at home mom and so they made a choice to live within their means. Karen has four children to buy for and their needs comes way ahead of hers.

Dear Inspired Room... I have no photos of her house to show you... but I ask you to consider blessing my dear sweet friend "K" with a HUGE gift and blessing that will just blow her away!

Thank you so much for your consideration and generosity! And thanks for all the beauty you share!

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