Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Little Gifts...

God knows how much I love animals... He made me that way. I love them for Him.

He sent me this turtle last week. I almost sucked my tongue down my throat when I saw him on the road! I stopped, put on my flashers, and then ran back to get him. Then I held him in my hand as I drove to get Abby from school. He popped his head out and seriously looked at me while I talked to him. Abby was delighted and of course wanted to keep him as a pet.

I explained to her that keeping him would make him sad, that he needed to be free to eat and swim and play with friends. She was fine with that. And so we had a little photo session and then let him go in our back yard. Oh, he was SO CUTE!

And even though this critter was eating my tomato... he was still pretty cool. I showed him to Abby and yes, she wanted to keep him. I explained to her that he was eating to get full so he could make a cocoon and become a butterfly. She thought it was cool and so we left him. But he became a very nice meal for a bird that left our bird feeder for his filet mignon! So sad for him... jack pot for the bird!
Then, we have these precious deer who live right at the entrance of our neighborhood. They are out there all the time and I went back up the other night on the golf cart to photograph them. Precious. Abby loved it. She decided she was the little one sitting and I was the mommy standing guard! The other mommy in the back was daddy and Marc was the other baby!
Animals and nature just make me feel... ok. I feel connected to God by being in and around His amazing creation! I love the gifts He gives us each day!

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  1. You actually saw that little turtle while you were driving? Now that is amazing eyesight - but it certainly was a good day for the turtle! He is adorble!


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