Wednesday, September 09, 2009

God's perfect timing...

One of my favorite blogs is

This mother of 7 inspires me every time I visit her... and her love for the Lord and the way she swims in His grace and is guided by His love just moves me. What I love about her most is that she lives to be content. She finds joy in contentment... and she finds extreme joy in being a mother and making her children's lives wonderful... and using this time God has given her to concentrate on guiding them and "teaching" them God's truths.

I haven't checked in on her blog in forever and I just visited. As always, God spoke to me and I immediately felt peace... peace I haven't had in two weeks. Peace that just made me sigh relief and refocus.

My Fly Boy is taking me to Spain this weekend to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I am beside myself at his generosity and God's provision. But I have hardly been able to get excited. I have been going 90 miles an hour this week trying to get caught up on three months of life. My parents are coming to watch the kids and they haven't been to my new house. My new house is not ready for their visit. And there you have it. I have sacrificed time with my children and taken on much stress because I want everything... or as much as possible... to be just so. A huge blessing is around the corner and I am focused on boxes and walls.

So A. Ann gave me the opportunity to refocus. She lives in an office space she has turned into an amazing home... for next to nothing! It's infested with termites. But she is content. And she means it. And her kids are loved. And they show it. And she knows who she is in Christ. And she reflects it.

It's ok that my house is not perfect. I'll repeat it 100 times tonight as I go to bed tonight. I am going on a much needed trip to Spain with my husband to celebrate 10 years of marriage. It's ok that the garage is a disaster. I had lunch with Abby at school today and walked the loop with her and her friends. It's ok that I may not get to clean the kids bathroom. I physically can't do it all! I am going to go to bed and try to get some much needed sleep. It's ok that I am going to "Mom to Mom" tomorrow to be loved on by women of faith who have a passion for the Lord and for being a good mommy. I am making new friends... and I won't feel guilty. It's ok I am going to sleep for the third night with no air conditioning. I'll enjoy the sound of the frogs, locust, and crickets!

I will work on being content and focusing on what is really important. And love the women who inspire me to do so! "Your children have one childhood. Make it rememberable!" A. Ann

P.S. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with Abby's neurologist. Please pray for the appointment. Thank you!


  1. praying for you friend - And enjoy M2M without guilt - and love on your kiddos - you are a GREAT mom!!


  2. You have my prayers for sure.

  3. I will pray all goes well at Abby's appointment tomorrow but sweet woman your man is taking you to Spain....relax and revel in every loving moment of your together time! What an AMAZING opportunity to re-connect and rejuvinate. Please take lots of photos so the rest of us can travel vicariously!


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