Friday, June 12, 2009

My Abby Grace

Prayers are requested for Abby. She is having an increase in seizure activity. We "thought" she had gone about two months without one. However, she had one the morning after we got Marc, another one four mornings later, and then last night she had two. Two. That is a bad sign to go to two so quickly.

But I KNOW part of what this is and it is an outright spiritual attack. We are praising the Lord to high heaven and sitting in precious sweet joy and there is one who roams like a starving lion, looking for ones to devour and to steal their joy. He is not happy that we are exalting our Lord and is attacking full force.

I will not be shaken. At 5 a.m. when Abby had her second one, my heart sank. He knows all too well how to QUICKLY get to my heart and pierce my spirit. "Oh Lord, please... you have the power and authority to stop this... please," I implored. Then I praised Him. I praised Him for being there, for loving her, for carrying her, for giving her to us to love, for choosing me to be His child, for loving me, for crying with me, for carrying me, for blessing me, for fighting for me.

So I am calling on the legion of angels to fight for her, to surround her and to protect her. I am calling off evil and holding my genuine joy close to my soul. I am begging for guidance, patience, faith, strength, and spiritual armor.

Please lift her up to Him who can heal her, redeem her, renew her, and protect her. And to Him be all the glory and honor. Thank you... I love you all so very, very much.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I will start praying for Abby right now. And I will pray daily for her.

    Dawn, I am overjoyed for you. Marc is precious. God is so good.

    Love you all,

  2. Sending lots of prayers for Abby!!


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