Saturday, January 05, 2013

Happy Day of Rest...

How thoughtful of the Creator of the universe and every living thing to create a day for the sole purpose of rest.  He could have stopped after the sixth day.  Genesis chapter one could easily not document a seventh day.  I mean really, God is God... did He really need rest?  Why make another entire day just for rest?  With Genesis chapter one comes the foundation of our week.  And it ends with an entire day created for rest.

I have really come to embrace this weekly day of rest.  I look forward to it and try my hardest to rest on it.  We don't do chores.  There are no "To Do" lists on this day.  I try so hard to hole up in my room, in my bed, surrounded with my devotion, a journal, several books, and praise music.  I refill.  I pray.  I praise.  I think.  I rest.  I renew. 

Everything God does and says and creates is done so with purpose.  I think if God needed to rest after a week full of work, so do I... so can I.  And I love the fact that not only did God rest on this day... this entire day He created for rest... He blessed it and made it holy.
"Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, 
because on it He rested from all the work of creating that He had done."
  Genesis 2:3 (NIV)

Later in scripture, God commands His people to keep that day holy... the seventh day... the day He created JUST FOR REST.  As I have studied the Old Testament... I have come to really understand what should so be the obvious... yet we are blind to it so often... there is wisdom/Divine Wisdom in everything God says.  And every single time... every single time... I repeat... every single time... it is in our best interest, it is for our own good, it is for our well being... and it is for His glory.

Our world does not promote slowing down.  Our culture does not promote rest... much less a sabbath rest.  But the living God not only promotes it... He created it, blessed it, and made it holy... for us.

I encourage you... any of you... who are enticed to declutter your life, to prioritize your life, to nurture your spirit, to deepen your relationship with God... to make every effort to embrace this day of rest!  It is one of my most treasured days.  And I am ALWAYS blessed a thousand fold when I spend it with Him.  You will be too.

Be blessed sweet friend.

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  1. love this reminder!!! I think at my season with lots of littles around my house I would be afraid to hole up in my room for several hours!! Thankful God gives many opportunities to rest in Him and that each season is just that a season. Blessings my friend!

    1. Don is so generous... when he is here... he makes them breakfast and brings me coffee. He knows this time makes me a better mommy and he keeps the kids away from my door! LOL. I try for at least two hours. I also want to teach my kids how important it is and also teach them to respect my need for this time. They usually watch a movie and play for just a little before my door opens again. Sometimes I stay in there and continue but they have access. We do FAMILY stuff ALL the time and I think it is very important for them to learn to occupy themselves for a few hours on a Saturday and to put that time aside. Having a 13 year old is also helpful!
      But I also want them to learn to be mindful and restful on this day. We often will do devotions with them and other things that build their relationship with the Lord. And like I said, I TRY to make this what I do. It does not happen every week... but oh how I long for it to... and I plan to work on it more this year! Thanks for sharing. Give it a try one time... you might be surprised! HUGS...


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