Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Open Letter to Lance Armstrong

Dear Lance,

In the wake of your behavior, last night's confession, and new allegations... I am compelled and feel very strongly obligated to write you this letter.  I hope to keep it as short and plain as possible without there being any chance of you not fully understanding it's intent.  And I hope to deliver my thoughts in two questions to you... the first being...

How dare... WE?

How dare we stand in judgment of you and your mistakes?  How dare we pretend we don't make them daily?  How dare we stand here and cast stones upon you as if we are sinless?

How dare we act as if we know you and you have personally let us down, affected our lives, and ruined some media-driven image created in our minds?

How dare we have put you up on a pedestal and idolize you as if you were perfect in every way?  How dare we forget only ONE is worthy of being lifted up and that He has already been... on the very cross that wipes out our transgressions?

How dare we splash words of disgust, hatred, self-righteousness and pride towards you in every social media outlet possible?

How dare we have looked to you to fill any void in our own lives?

How dare we toss aside and pretend to bury the reality of our own past mistakes and the damage it caused in our lives and to our loved ones and friends?  And how dare we take for granted those mistakes were not made into daily headlines, magazine covers, interview questions, subject lines of tickers, late night talk show entertainment, and public humiliation and shame?

How dare we quickly and casually jump on the nearest hater band wagon instead of praying for you?

How dare we forget the hundreds of thousands of people who were encouraged by you to fight the disease attacking their lives?  How dare we say, now, it does not matter?

How dare we forget the same grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness that is offered and FREELY given to us daily in Jesus Christ is offered to you?  How dare we not pray that the same grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness that is offered to us finds it's way to you?  How dare we not pray God brings beauty from these ashes and is glorified through it?

And how dare we buy into the money making... marketing strategy... and branding campaign of "Live Strong" when it was missing the two most important words... "In Him,"?

And lastly I ask you this, "Will you forgive us?"

My prayer and desire is for you to find Him in all this mess, for you to be used to share His truth, and for you to live a life branded only with "Live Strong In Him."

In His love for you... one of the millions of people who have never crossed paths with you and yet knows your name and story...



  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Love your perspective on this... it's so true. As if each one of us doesn't make mistakes every day. A mistake is a mistake... sin is sin. It's our fault for putting him on a pedestal, he's just one of us. Our culture has a major obsession problem with celebrities. How different would our culture be if we'd put all that energy and obsession towards the One who created us and loves us with obsession!!! Why can't we love Him more than a fake fantasy world? It's a perpetuating problem... ~K

    1. It saddens me and angers me... the fickleness of people. So swayed by media... so ready to jump on a wave... whether it is one to idolize someone or to tear them down. This need... for belonging... being a part of something.

      Distraction. It is one of the greatest weapons in the "distraction" arsenal of Satan. Hearts, minds, energy... wasted on ideas created and marketed... and we, as a people, fall for it again and again and again.

      Every time I see anything on this man, I just feel a blanket of sadness. Can you imagine the real relationships lost in his life, the pressure to perform/achieve/maintain his image, the deep void deep inside that pushes one to such extremes... heartbreaking. And watching vultures pounce on him when he is down just makes me ill.

      It should be a reality check for everyone. If only...

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

    2. Anonymous1:38 PM

      I know, I hear you. I would love to see you write more on this issue... this issue of distraction and how very good people, even Christians fall for it over and over and over. ~K ;o)

    3. I think that is a GREAT idea. Distraction is one of the things I really look for in attacks. I think it could make for a great series. I will pray about it and hopefully write about it soon! Thanks for the inspiration. You bless me so much! :0)


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