Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saw this on facebook yesterday and had to share it with you.  I need this framed in every room of my house.

I really think it is God's heart for me right now and I am SO going to try and receive it.  I hope you can too.

Happy Thursday sweet friends!

Be encouraged...

Love, Dawn~


  1. i borrowed this and gave you credit on my blog!! love ya!! I still want to catch up with you!! Our ladybug goes back for surgery Feb 4. Maybe before then?

  2. Thank you for sharing it! It has quickly become a favorite reminder and goes right along with what God is showing me lately! I love when He does that! I hope to catch up with you soon. My birthday is Feb. 3 and my man has something up his sleeve. Not sure what it is or if I will even be here. But let's try soon. I will be in prayer for your precious ladybug and for your entire family.(and doctors!)

  3. we have close birthdays!! mine is the 28th of this month!! Have a great time whatever he has planned!! thanks for the prayers!

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    HI Birthday Buddies!
    Mine is on the 7th. I hit 35 this year. :-) L- I will be in prayers for you and your sweet ladybug. - Dawn so glad you guys are going to do something fun - keep us posted!
    Ps. Loving your blog entries -- they are totally what I have been needing to hear.-- since I have not even been anywhere close to perfect.


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