Saturday, November 17, 2012

Real Life First... Blog Second

Life can just explode like an egg in the microwave sometimes! 

We were able to save this little one from being killed Thursday.  So humbled. I picked him up last night and he is the most precious little thing.  He is scared and sad and sick.  I took him to the vet this morning and he has kennel cough.  So we are going to love and medicate him right back to health!

Thursday night, we picked up two more chillies (kids).  We have friends who left Friday for their first adoption trip to the Ukraine. They are adopting a sibling group of THREE.  We took two of their existing FIVE and will be spending the next week or so with them.  They are precious too. Such sweet girls.  It is a gift to be able to love on them while their parents are gone.  Sweet, sweet family.  It is so beautiful to watch God move among His people!

So all of that, plus the holiday festivities and crafts at school, basketball practices, cleaning, laundry, sleep overs, and tonight's date night has simply derailed me from blogging.  I am so sorry. 

Tomorrow will be a very emotional day.  Our first foster dog baby, my beloved Chloe, will be going to her forever family.  She will take part of my heart with her.  That precious baby has blossomed while she has been here and I love her deeply.  The thought of her leaving is killing me.  Your prayers are always appreciated.

By letting her go, we can save more.  By letting her go, we saved Ferris.  There are millions of Chloes and Ferrises out there who die every day because people just don't keep them.  They are so full of life and love.  I can't save them all... but I have saved three already and I have just begun.  If only everyone saved one... problem solved.  :0(


  1. Ferris is sooo adorable!! I am so glad it was just kennel cough (I mean that's bad enough), hopefully he will get better soon under the loving care of the Sullivan clan. I'm going to say it again, a blog is just a blog, it will be here when you get time for it, don't pressure yourself to feel like you have to "perform" for it. My favorite thing about your blog is YOU. So when you share what's going on in your life, that's good enough. Rest easy sister. Love you!

    1. Thank you sweet girl. Thank you. Ferris is not that well today. Yesterday morning the vet gave him fluids and a pill that stimulates appetite. He did great yesterday. Through the night he coughed like crazy and this morning he won't eat or drink again, is throwing up, breathing heavy and is way sad. Today is Chloe's last day and I feel like I am trying to come down with something. Ughhhh. Just get me through today Lord... please get me through today. :0)
      Thank you for your kind words. I receive them! Love you 2~


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